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02/21/14 05:54 PM Metaserver is back online by plataypus

Ok, so it has taken me WAAAAY to long to get to this, but I just needed the right combination of available time, motivation, and of course, I had to remember how the heck to troubleshoot metaserver startup issues..... BUT, I have finally gotten Mariusnet back up and running. The problem was a corrupted player profile (actually, just one among the thousands) that was keeping the metaserver from loading. I deleted that user file and in conjunction with a few other tweaks, it is back to life.

The Server Status widget is working, so you can see who is playing online, but ranking is not currently being processed. It looks like there are several corrupted database tables that I will have to pour over. I think that most all of them (sans possibly one) are transient data only used during the processing of stats, so it shouldn't be TOO tough to get stats working again. I don't think any historical data is lost... but, don't quote me on that.

I've seen the report that new user registration isn't working. I'll look into that next. I have a fair idea of what that is.

775 Views · 14 Comments
02/01/14 07:19 PM - new game server! by MNA_Om

As a public service announcement for anyone who hasn't been around in the past few months and is wondering where everyone is, most people still playing Myth online are probably playing on the gameserver.

Read the GoS FAQ for details.

You don't need to register for an account to play on GoS, but if you do register for an account you'll have to answer a Myth-related question to prove you're not a robot. Hint: The answer is the number of months in 2 calendar years.

462 Views · 5 Comments
09/27/13 03:46 PM Oooop! Sorry for the downtime folks by plataypus

So, there was a little bit of a hardware malfunction on the server (ok, a big one), and then some file corruption.

I've gotten the machine back up and running well, now, and the website is online. I'm currently trying to sort through some issues that are preventing the metaserver from starting (probably a corrupt profile or two) and hope that won't take me TOO terribly long.

Once all of that junk is returned to normal, I promise to bring back stats & ranking and get this place back to how it was before the June server move.

1668 Views · 11 Comments
05/31/13 03:46 PM ATTENTION: Site/Server downtime coming next week by plataypus

ATTENTION: Site/Server downtime coming next week. The outage is expected to last at least 4-5 days, minimum.

I was informed last week that the hosting provider that Mariusnet uses is closing their doors on June 24th. However, in a conversation just minutes ago with the owner of that company, he is needing people to get their servers out of his datacenter space by NEXT WEEK. Unfortunately, I haven't yet even been able to find a new hosting company, yet, so I'm in a scramble to say the least.

I have asked that the server shut down occur on the morning of Wednesday, June 5th and that it be shipped Next Day Air to me so that I can have it in hand ASAP to hopefully get it into a new datacenter here in Cleveland (where I live). I'll be doing everything I can to minimize the impact, and I will hopefully have everything back up and running by the end of next weekend.

UPDATE (03 JUNE) - I've just handed over credit card info with the new provider. The new provider is located in Chicago, same as the old provider, and the old provider's technician that is pulling the server will actually be driving the server over to the new facility himself, so it SHOULD be powered up in the new datacenter by Wednesday evening at the latest.

I'm hoping that I will have all of the IP addresses later this afternoon or tomorrow morning. If so, I may be able to keep perceived downtime under 3 days.

More info to come as I have it....

1812 Views · 3 Comments
05/30/13 12:00 AM Myth II 1.8.0 is now available! by MNA_Om

The latest feature-packed version of Myth II (v 1.8.0) has been released and is available at projectmagma !

In case that isn't enough Myth goodness for one day, you can also grab a copy of Jon God's amazingly comprehensive Detail Texture Megapack which brings new hi-res textures to an incredible 476 maps!

If you haven't already seen it, check out the 1.8.0 Promo Video to see some highlights of 1.8.

Myth II version 1.8 is the latest installment in Project Magma's series of updates to Myth II, bringing many performance improvements, numerous bug fixes and various new features to the game.

Head on over to project magma for highlights of the 1.8 update and more in-depth info.

440 Views · 0 Comments